Sort de l’ ombre

June 6, 2007 - August 16, 2007

French artist Nelio comes out the shadows for his first exhibition in australia where he transports his creations to the heart of Melbourne illuminate by the lightboxes of the Citylights Projects.

He appreciates the dark places for painting, like forgotten old buildings where time gives another dimension to the walls on which he paints. His work is influenced by graphic design, photography and graffiti, and is generally created on a canvas of original textures. His photography captures the atmosphere and transports the viewer to the original space in which his work resides.

Endeavouring to complement the desire of nature to give life back to the places humans destroyed with their uniform blocks; he paints his abstract faces in abandoned places where over time nature has recaptured her right on human construction.

Nelio`s main interest is to incorporate the existing space into his work and vice versa, symbolising the fact that everything is in relation to one another. This is also characterised by his intwined faces who are called "bond", portraying the dependant relationship between people.

Hailing from a rural part of France and lacking the urban laneways of a city, Nelio’s favoured canvas are the decayed and crumbling industrial buildings littering the French countryside, abandoned as commerce and workers gravitated towards the larger cities throughout the late 20th century.

A sense of lost arcadia permeates Nelio’s poetic documentation of his aerosol art, painted onto faded and broken walls amongst creepers and foliage that reclaim the buildings as floors and roofs give way to the elements. His photography distils the atmosphere and transports the viewer to the original space in which his work is placed.

Nelio has become a mainstay on the Melbourne scene during his sojourn, collaborating with many artists.

Citylights is proud to present his first solo exhibition in Australia.


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