The kraken wakes

June 1, 2011 - June 2, 2011

Peter Agardy grew up in south florida. he is heavily influenced by his natural surroundings from the ocean, the great outdoors, and urban life as well. Growing up fishing and surfing the waters of Florida and the Bahamas, Peter gained a lifelong passion for nature and the sea. Coming from a family line of artists and painters, he felt naturally driven to pursue and explore the arts. Early on, he quickly pursued drawing, painting, creating imagery and illustration from the world around him.  During his teens Peter started to gain more and more interest in making his hobby a career.

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a Fine Arts degree in December 2008, Peter has continued to succeed in bringing his view and experiences to life onto canvases and wall spaces. Peter has recently been working with cities across South Florida with their Art in Public Places programs helping bring large scale murals to the community, while at the same time always finding time to express his visions on canvas as well.

Peter has exhibited his work in Galleries and venues around South Florida since 2008 and debuted his first solo exhibition at Eaton Fine Art in West Palm Beach in September 2010.

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