Baguette Bardot

June 15, 2011

Wearing a toaster affixed to a construction helmet and a bright red wig, performance artist Toastie, as she calls herself, is Toast Girl -- literally making toast on her head. Other times she is "Tokyo Tower C Ko," an aging one-hit-wonder with an affinity for One Cup sake and scrubbing brushes. With these multiple personalities in tow, the unconventional artist has sung, danced and toasted stages both underground and on TV, in Tokyo and abroad.

In 1998 Toastie performed and exhibited at the launch of Citylights Projects in Hosier Lane, and she has regularly returned to Melbourne in various guises.

Her latest incarnation is Baguette Bardot, a tragic blonde whose arms are loaves of French bread. Convinced that the French "would hate it," she took a trip to Paris last summer that resulted happily in the production of her first CD and DVD "The Best of Baguette Bardot".

In June 2011 Toastie performed in Melbourne at the International Jazz Festival, and Citylights documented Toastie in a series of street interventions and interactions as Baguette Bardot.

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